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We guarantee you that these leads will be amongst the best you have ever worked.

We guarantee you that the moment you quote a specific key word, this lead will know exac‍‍‍tly who you are and will in-turn give you all of the time you need on the phone.  These leads will be no more than 30 days old at the time of purchase.  If for whatever reason the lead does not conform to this criteria, we will instantaneously give you your money back - no questions asked - Please call to discuss the conditions of guarantee


This is where the real Cash Cows reside.

We believe we have truly mastered the science of generating investor leads ‍‍‍ho‍‍‍wever we are not in the business of giving our secrets away so please contact us for more information. Via telephone, Via email or come and visit us at our offices. You never know, you might learn something

‍‍‍BESPOKE ‍‍‍CAMPAIGN £50.00‍‍‍

Cash Cow is a trading name of Crystal Clear‍‍‍ Consultancy SL


2 MONTHS £5.00‍‍‍

This data consists of leads from previous campaigns.  

Remember here at Cash Cow we generate Stock investors *the biggest risk takers in the market but sometimes the person on the other end of the phone just didn't like the Share recommendation or maybe they didnt like the broker. Whatever the case, They are still active investors, they still have a minimum of £5000 to invest and we guarantee you that the lead will be no more than 60 days old a‍‍‍t the time of purchase. These leads work best with alternative investments and even better if you are able to say that you are calling from the UK. * This data carries no guarantee



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SECOND US‍‍‍E £15.00